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Satty is a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who have been serving the vehicle and equipment leasing industries for more than 25 years.

SL&C serves all facets of the vehicle and equipment leasing industries, except for publicly held companies. Our clients include a wide range of businesses from small start-ups to large, mature companies. These clients, who operate throughout the country, specialize in market segments, such as sub-prime, full maintenance, used trucks, etc. They use all types of financing programs available, including brokering, full recourse, warehouse, discounting and securitizations.

We have built relationships with other industry professionals to develop an umbrella network that helps you deal with many day-to-day issues. Wherever you’re located and whatever your tax, accounting or other needs are, SL&C professionals are ready, willing and able to assist you.

Specialized Services Include:

  • Apply complex accounting rules to maximize financial statement presentation and results (audits, reviews and compilations)
  • Explain client statements to lenders to retain or obtain new lines of credit
  • Utilize tax elections to minimize or eliminate federal and income state taxes (preparing returns for all states that require tax returns)
  • Provide income tax consultation (choosing the best type of entity)
  • Offer consultation (evaluations, acquisitions/mergers and succession planning)
  • Assist with cash flow, financial statements and tax projections
  • Provide lease accounting and tax education

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